BMW Repair Costs

What You Should Expect to Pay

Whether you are doing some research before purchasing a BMW or want to budget for your own vehicle’s maintenance, it’s a good idea to gauge the average costs for minor and major repairs. As one of the top performance brands in the industry, BMW lands on the higher end of the spectrum for repair costs, owing to its high-performance models. It’s true across the board that high-performance vehicles with V12 or V8 engines require more investment in maintenance than a four or six cylinder. But what exactly should BMW owners prepare for in terms of repair costs?

Routine Service

BMWs should follow a recommended service schedule based on the exact model and age of the vehicle. Plan to seek professional service at least once per year to handle these maintenance items — including oil changes, tire rotation, wheel alignment, engine tune-ups, and more.

Minor service — including an oil change, oil filter replacement, and minor inspection — could cost between $200 and $400, while major service — including transmission service and inspection — could cost between $400 and $500.

Remember that high-performance vehicles require high-quality parts and products. Even something as simple as an oil change may cost more for a BMW, as they require high-quality, full-synthetic motor oils.

Minor Repairs

While it’s difficult to determine exactly what repairs a car will need with any certainty, we can estimate the minor repair costs for BMW drivers based on what we see at the shop. AAB Auto Service in San Antonio, Texas specializes in BMW care and performs a full range of repairs for drivers in our area.

Most minor BMW repairs are related to the check engine light. That could include spark plug replacement, vacuum leaks, and oil leaks. Minor repairs don’t require intense labor and should wrap up after a $100 – $300 repair bill.

Major Repairs

There’s no way to tell exactly what issues might arise for a specific vehicle. Sometimes big problems come up out of nowhere, but that doesn’t mean that BMW drivers can’t be prepared for the costs. From major transmission service ranging from $400 to $600, to $2,500 leak repair, any number of things could rack up big costs.

Preventative maintenance is the best way for drivers to avoid major repairs. Contact the experts at AAB Auto Service in San Antonio, Texas to schedule your next BMW service.

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