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Since 1937, Volkswagen has been showcasing a high-level of craftsmanship through their vehicles. Known in German as the “people’s car,” Volkswagen takes pride in manufacturing the best German automobiles to ever touch the road. From the always popular Jetta to the underrated Golf, Volkswagen has a vehicle for a variety of different tastes. A byproduct of this craftsmanship is the necessity to utilize specific parts and processes when a Volkswagen vehicle goes into a repair or service appointment. Their vehicles must use brand-specific components and processes in order for the owner to continue enjoying the high-level of performance they get from their vehicle.

At AAB Service in San Antonio, Texas, we’ll be able to provide the hyper-specific care that your Volkswagen needs. Our ASE certified technicians are factory-trained to handle all the specific requirements that come with repairing a Volkswagen. Whether it’s an oil change or a transmission repair, our service experts will be able to provide the brand-specific service your vehicle needs so it can get back on the road!

Volkswagen Service Appointments

When it comes to servicing your Volkswagen, no one gives you better car repair service better than AAB Service. Due to our technician’s factory-trained experience, they’ll be able to quickly handle any service your vehicle needs. Volkswagen expects you to have your first maintenance visit at around 10,000 miles. From there, you would return to our shop every 10,000 miles with services varying based on your mileage interval. Here’s what services you can expect between the 10,000 and 120,000 mileage intervals. When you visit our auto repair shop, you know you are receiving the best quality help available.

10,000 Miles

  • Oil and Oil Filter Change

  • AdBlue Fluid Check

  • Airbag System Check

  • Tire Rotation

  • Washer, Headlight Cleaning System, and Wiper Blade Checks

20,000 – 60,000 – 100,000 Miles

  • All 10,000 Mile Services

  • Battery Inspection

  • Brake System Inspection

  • Dust and Pollen Filter Change

  • Fuel Filter Change

  • Tire Inspection

  • Check Expiration Date on Tire Filler Bottle

30,000 – 50,000 – 70,000 – 90,000 – 110,000 Miles

  • All 10,000 Mile Services

  • Brake Disc Inspection

  • Brake and Clutch Unit Fluid Change

40,000 – 80,000 – 120,000 Miles

  • All 10,000 Mile Services

  • Inspections of – Battery, Visual Body, Brake System, Coolant Level, CV Joints, Engine Compartment, Exhaust System, Electrical System, Tires, and Underbody Sealant

  • Dust and Pollen Filter Change

  • Fuel Filter Change

  • Check Expiration Date on Tire Filler Bottle

  • Replace Tire Filler Bottle in Mobility Kit

  • DSG Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

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If your Volkswagen needs quality auto care, make sure you visit AAB Service in San Antonio, TX. Our technicians are factory-trained to handle all the issues your Volkswagen may have. Whether you need general maintenance or you need an engine repair, our technicians will utilize the Volkswagen components and processes your vehicle deserves! Give us a call at 210-542-7202 and schedule your next appointment with us! Or visit our shop at 9906 Iota Drive. All walk-ins are welcomed!*

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