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Brand Standard Auto Care

For over 85 years, Porsche has been offering a variety of high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans to their customers. Each car they design and manufacture are made with the purpose of displaying the ingenuity that is German automotive engineering. So when these vehicles do need a repair or maintenance service, they’re very particular of the components being used or the processes being implemented. In fact, the Porsche brand has created standards for how technicians should service their vehicles. This is done to maintain the high level of performance the car began with.

At AAB Service in San Antonio, Texas, we take pride in offering our repair and maintenance services to all Porsche vehicles. As a leading Porsche repair shop, our automotive technicians are trained to handle whatever situation your luxury European import may come across. Whether you need your wheels aligned or the intermediate shaft bearing is malfunctioning, our high quality service experts will be able to get your vehicle back on the road!

Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan

During a Porsche service appointment, our technicians will make sure to follow the brand’s specific guidelines when it comes to car maintenance. We ensure that each service we perform fits right with what you would get at a Porsche dealership. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Engine Oil and Filter Change

  • Engine Air Filter Replacement

  • Cabin Air Pollen Filter Replacement

  • Spark Plug Replacement

  • Brake Fluid Replacement

  • Brake Pad, Disc, and Hose Inspection/Replacement

  • Steering Gear and Axle Inspection

  • Radiator and Air Inlet Inspection

  • Body and Sunroof Drain Cleaning and Inspection

  • Coolant and Coolant Hose Inspection

  • Windshield Wiper and Washer Inspection

  • Tire Condition and Pressure Inspection

  • Headlights, Horn, and Electrical System Inspection

  • Battery Condition Inspection

For an in-depth look into the maintenance plan, please refer to your vehicle’s maintenance booklet. Items not covered in the booklet or result from wear-and-tear (brake pads, tires, etc.) are not covered.

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In order for your Porsche to perform at its highest level possible, it needs to be provided with specific routine maintenance services and repair components. Without it, your luxury vehicle wouldn’t be able to operate at its best. That’s where AAB Service in San Antonio, TX comes in. Our technicians are factory-trained to provide your Porsche with dealership level auto care. We’ll be able to provide brand specific components and services so your import vehicle can perform at its best. Give us a call at 210-542-7202 and schedule your next appointment with us! Or visit our repair shop at 9906 Iota Drive. All walk-ins are welcomed!*

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