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Since 1969, the MINI brand has been crafting a variety of smalls cars for their client base. From their first vehicle (Mini Mark I) to the newer models (Mini Paceman), each vehicle is built with a high level of precision and craftsmanship. When your MINI vehicle needs auto care, it deserves only the best. It needs professional that understands the MINI brand. That’s where we come in.

AAB Service is the leading Mini Cooper Repair shop in San Antonio, Texas, and our team will be able to provide the proper care your MINI vehicle needs. Our ASE certified technicians are specially trained to handle the unique requirements of a MINI vehicle. Whether you need an oil change or the water pump is leaking, we’ll be able to handle any problem your vehicle may have.

MINI Service Appointments

When it comes time for your MINI to go through it’s scheduled maintenance service, it will go through three separate appointments — the Oil Change, Inspection 1, and Inspection 2. Each service appointment was specifically crafted in order to ensure your MINI is always running at its best. For specific questions about each service, please contact our auto repair shop.

MINI Oil Change

Though service intervals can vary based on driving habits and conditions, you should expect to have your MINI go through the Oil Change service appointment around every 7,500 miles.

Here’s the services you can expect from this service appointment.

  1. Oil and Oil Filter Replacement*

  2. Brake Inspection and Replacement

  3. Check/ Replace Fluid Levels

  4. Grease Wheel Centering Hubs

  5. Inspect Tire Wear and Pressure

  6. Reset Service Interval Display

*Specific synthetic oil will be used

MINI Inspection 1

Please refer to your Service Interval Indicator to know when you’ll need Inspection 1. Intervals may change based on driving habits and conditions

Here’s the services you can expect from this service appointment.

  1. Change Interior Ventilation Filter

  2. Check and Replace Transmission Fluid

  3. Inspect Wipers and Washers

  4. Lubricate Doors and Locks

  5. Inspect Battery Condition

  6. Check Suspension

  7. Inspect CV Boots

  8. Examine Exhaust System

  9. Pressure Check Cooling System

  10. Reset Service Interval Indicator

MINI Inspection 2

Please refer to your Service Interval Indicator to know when you’ll need Inspection 2. Intervals may change based on driving habits and driving conditions, as well as make and model.

Inspection 2 will include all of the services performed during Inspection 1 but does include three other services:

  • Change Air Filter

  • Change Engine Coolant*

  • Flush Brake Fluid**

*Will be flushed every four years, regardless of mileage

**Will be flushed every two years, regardless of mileage

As your MINI starts to accumulate miles, more services will be included with your MINI Inspection 2.

  • 60,000 Miles: Serpentine belt must be replaced for Cooper S models*

  • 100,000 Miles: Oxygen sensor and spark plugs must be replaced

*Serpentine belt must be replaced for all other models at 100,000 miles

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Your MINI vehicle deserves the best auto care available. When it’s time for your MINI’s next maintenance service or auto repair, visit AAB Service in San Antonio, TX. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle all the requirements needed for MINI vehicles and we’re well versed on all of their service appointments. Give us a call at 210-542-7202 and schedule your next appointment with us! Or visit our shop at 9906 Iota Drive. All walk-ins are welcomed!*

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