How to Tell When Your BMW Needs Repair

BMW’s Condition Based Servicing (CBS) System

You love your BMW, which is why you want to keep it in top condition at all times. But you know that wear and tear are inevitable the more you drive your vehicle. What you need to know is when to take it in for specialized import repairs and service to prevent any serious damage caused by internal issues. For that, BMW has created an intuitive system to monitor the condition of the engine and other major components. If the motor oil, air filter, brake pads, or spark plugs wear out or fail, the CBS system onboard your vehicle will alert you. That way, you can take your vehicle to your trusted auto repair team — AAB Auto Service in San Antonio, Texas.

How It Works

How does the new technology help Beemer owners avoid serious and costly BMW repair bills? It tracks the condition of components by measuring mileage, fuel consumption, and current quality. Based on this information, it can recommend timely service that maximizes parts without putting your BMW’s health or performance at risk.

As an example of what the CBS system does, consider oil changes. How soon will you need one? The CBS system will monitor the current condition of the motor oil to ensure it’s fit for continued use and track how low it has been since your last oil change, how many miles you’ve traveled, and how much fuel has been consumed. With that information, it will recommend a time for your vehicle’s next oil change service.

How Your Car Benefits

What’s the benefit of BMW’s CBS system? It gives a direct alert to notify drivers when it’s time for maintenance service. As long as the vehicle owner reacts to the alert and visits their shop in a timely manner, they stop potential problems long before they cause damage to the vehicle. In that way, the CBS system helps drivers avoid costly repairs that would otherwise arise from poor maintenance scheduling.

How We Can Help!

When you visit AAB Auto Service in San Antonio, Texas, our technicians work with your vehicle’s self-monitoring system to provide an optimized maintenance plan. We consider factors that the CBS system doesn’t, like driving conditions, temperature, and terrain to ensure your vehicle doesn’t run its parts too hard or too far. If you want a customized maintenance plan to suit your budget and protect your vehicle, contact us for more information!

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