How to Prepare Your Mercedes For The Winter

How You Can Prepare

We probably know what you’re thinking. “You’re based in Texas, there’s no way you have to prepare for winter. There’s barely a winter there!” Well, despite popular opinion, winters in Texas can get pretty intense. Maybe we don’t experience conditions as bad as Minnesota, but we do go through our fair share of struggles.

Although our winters are more manageable compared to others, it’s still important for us to provide maintanance for our Mercedes vehicles for the winter. Even with their unique and durable design, a Mercedes can still break down and fail in a Texas winter if the owner isn’t adequately prepared. How can you make sure that doesn’t happen? Well, if you follow these three winter maintenance tips, you and your Mercedes are guaranteed to make it through the winter unscathed!

Replace Old Tires

In other states like Colorado and Minnesota, winter tires may be heavily recommended for your vehicle. Fortunately for Texas residents, our winters don’t get nearly as bad and winter tires may not be necessary (but if you’re interested, see what winter tires work best with your Mercedes vehicle!). With that said, it’s still important to have your tires checked and replaced if they are old and worn out. Although we don’t get much snow, we do still experience a lot of ice and your Mercedes could get into trouble if it’s driving over icy roads with bad tires.

Check The Battery

Out of all the components that suffer in the winter, nothing struggles more than your vehicle’s battery. Although a battery suffers in both extreme conditions, it’s during the winter where the symptoms are the most noticeable. If you’re curious as to how it happens, check out Advanced Auto Parts’ article on Why Car Batteries Die in The Winter.

To make sure your battery is prepared for the winter, make sure you visit our shop! Our technicians can quickly determine the current condition of your battery and if you’ll need a new one. Although purchasing and replacing a battery can be a bit inconvenient, nothing is worse than having your vehicle breakdown on the side of the road in the winter.

Stock Your Vehicle

The next time you’re hanging out at home, think about building an emergency kit for your Mercedes this winter. Some common things to include is an extra gas tank, jumper cables, first aid supplies, a spare tire, and some basic tools. Although these things may take up some space in your vehicle, it’s good to be prepared if the worst were to happen to your vehicle. Also, make sure that the spare tire you’re using is similar to the other tires on your vehicle and falls within Mercedes safety standards!

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