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Since the brands relaunch in 1965, Audi has been among the top-selling automotive brands in the world, and for good reason. Each Audi vehicle is crafted with precision and performance in mind and that’s led to popular vehicle models such as the Audi A8 and the Audi Allroad. Due to its particular manufacturing, Audi vehicles need specific components and processes when its time for a repair or maintenance service. Owners that try to repair their vehicles with a non-Audi specific component could cause additional problems down the road.

At AAB Service, we take pride in our ability to provide repairs and maintenance services that are unique to the Audi brand in the San Antonio area. Our ASE certified technicians are trained to be well-versed with all the unique requirements of an Audi repair or service appointment. Whether you need an oil change or you’re experiencing carbon buildup, our service experts will be able to help your Audi get back on the road.

Audi Preventative Maintenance

Unlike Mercedes and BMW, Audi does not have a specifically named service appointment for all their vehicles. Instead, each Audi vehicle that is created must follow a maintenance schedule that’s specific to the model year.

Following 2017’s latest batch of Audi vehicles, they’ve changed their service schedule intervals. For 2017 and younger Audi vehicles, they must now follow a 10,000 mile interval. For Audi vehicles 2017 and older, they will still maintain a 5,000 mile service interval.

Wondering what services correspond with your Audi’s model year? Select the year below that matches your vehicle’s model year for an in-depth look into the specific services that will be required! Each sheet will detail service visits from 10,000 miles to 130,000 miles!

For more information, please visit the Audi Maintenance page.

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In order for your Audi vehicle to perform at its best, you’ll need a team that fully understands the requirements needed to service an Audi vehicle. Fortunately for you, AAB Service in San Antonio, TX is a full service Audi repair shop. Our technicians are professionally trained to understand everything needed to perform a quality Audi service appointment. Give us a call at 210-542-7202 and schedule your next appointment with us! Or visit our shop at 9906 Iota Drive. All walk-ins are welcomed!*

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